Squad Responsibilities

Cheerleaders must know chants, cheers and movements by heart without aid.


Mid-High cheers for all Mid-High home games and assigned away games.


High School cheers for all HS home games and assigned away games.


Cheerleaders are required to attend all mandatory practices, camps, games, and meetings.


Cheerleaders must be physically fit and capable of performing the functions of a cheerleader.

Cheer season runs from Intro to Cheer Camp through the last game of the season.


Cheerleaders are required to participate the whole season.


Mid-High Cheerleaders

Mid-High Cheerleaders must be in 6th, 7th or 8th grade.

Minimum age is 11 by August 1st.

Cheerleaders must not turn 15 before September 1st.

High School Cheerleaders

High School Cheerleaders must be in 9th -12th grade.

Minimum age is 14 by September 1st.

Must not turn 19 before September 1st.

Cheerleaders have a maximum of four years of eligibility.



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